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2020 Tournaments:


Opening Tournament

Dolphin Head Golf Club
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Annual Better Ball

Bear Creek Golf Club
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HHIAGA Championship

Moss Creek Golf Club
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Annual 27 Hole Challenge

Hampton Hall Golf Club
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Honors Cup

The Honors Cup is played annually pitting the 12 best amateurs of that year agaisnt the 12 best professional of that year, both teams being determined via a points system of various pre-determined tournaments.

The amateurs team is determined as follows:   Both members of the winning four-ball team in the championship division recieve an automatic berth, the winner of the amateur championship recieves an automatic berth, the winner of the opening tournament championship division and the winner of the closing tournament championship division. The next five  players are determined through a points system for the amateur championship, championship division, opening tournament, championship division and the closing tournament, championship division (as long as closing tournament is able to be held before honors cup).  Points are calculated as follows:   20 points for runner-up, 19 points for 3rd place, 18 points for fourth place, etc. Best five points total for those four events gain a berth.  The remaining two spots will be captain and co-captain choices.  As director of the amateur association I am automatically the captain of the amateurs team and choose a co-captain each year.


Joe Bryant.                    20
Jeff Wong.                     19
Turner Wegener.            18
Kyle Putkonen.               17
Scott Edwards.               16
Chris Legare.                   15
Andres lopez.                  14
Andrew Collins .              13
Ryan Kaufman.                12
Bob Engler.                       11
Marcus Byler.                   10
Anthony Phillips.             09
Bill Fuentes.                     08
Justin McFadden.           07
Gerry Pascale.                 06
Brian Gecy.                       05


Jeff Wong & Brandon Neal's (auto berth)


Jonathan Griz .               20.    auto berth
Matt Lehman.                 19
Coiner Moore.                 18
Jared Crane.                   17
JDJHoft.                          16
Kevin King .                     15
Andrew Collins .             14
Gavin Lindstrom .           13
Jeff Wong.                       12
Tony Nimmer .                 11
Scott Edwards.                10
Joe Prevusnak.                9
Gerry Pascale.                 8
Jake Williams .                7
Howard Foster.                6i
Kyle Putkonen.                 5
Grant Mahaffey.              4
Bob Engler.                       3
Evan Greenplate.             2
Andres Lopez .                 1

CUCUMULATIVE TO DATE (opening, better-ball, championship)

Joe Bryant .                   auto berth
Jeff Wong.                    auto berth
Brandon Neal's.            auto berth
Jonathan Griz.              auto berth
Andrew Collins .            27
Scott Edwards.              25
Kyle Putkonen.              22
Matt Lehman.                19
Coiner Moore.                18
Turner Wegener.            18
Jared Crane .                 17
JJDJHoft.                       16
Kevin King .                    15
Chris Legare.                 15
Andres Lopez.               15
Bob Engler .                   14
Gerry Pascale.               14
Gavin Lindstrom.          13
Ryan Kaufman.              12
Tony Nimmer .               11
Joe Prevusnak.              10
Marcus Baler .                10
Anthony Phillips.            9
Bill Fuentes.                    8
Jake Williams .               7
Justin McFadden.          7
Howard Fister.                6
Brian Gecy.                      5
Grant Mahaffey.             4
Evan Greenplate .           2             



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