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Hilton Head Island Amateur Golf Association

Connecting amateur golfers in the Hilton Head Island and Beaufort County areas

The HHIAGA was founded in 1983 to give amateur male golfers in the Hilton Head and Beaufort County area the opportunity to meet fellow golfers, compete in tournaments and play some of the area's best courses. Our membership now numbers over 350 and is open to Beaufort County full-time residents and property owners, ages 16 and older. Players younger than 16 may participate if they are listed on the SC State top 100 juniors.  We offer senior divisions and all tournaments are flighted and handicapped so that all can compete within their skill level.

The association will have a Better Ball, HHIAGA Championship as well as a closing tournament. For those interested in Honors Cup participation there will be three tournaments to earn points or status for the event. As usual, we will be assisting the HHIPGA with the 2022 Hilton Head Open and the 2022 pro-scratch tournaments. For more information regarding each tournament you can click on the Tournament List tab. Before you can register for a tournament you must be a paid member of tne association, you can register and pay your 2022 dues by going to the Registration tab.

I want to address dues and tournament registration payment. The reason we do not accept credit card payment through Pay-Pal, BOA credit card program or any other program is because the lowest rate we can get for our volume is 3.5% which translates to approximately $1,600.00 over the course of our season - I will not take that kind of money away from our events! We pay via check or cash and in 2022, I WILL NOT accept payment after deadline - we have commitments to the Clubs for expected volumes (rain or shine). If you want to participate this year have your check or cash to me in time.

I would like to introduce the HHIAGA staff: Bob Collar - Director, Richard Kerr - Legal Counsel, Biff Lathrop (SCGA) - Policy & Regulations, and Amateur Status, Scott Stilwell - USGA Rules and Officiating, and Jeff Smith - Administrative and Web page.

2022 features a new added value for paid annual membership. You will receive an individual Chronic League membership that includes 12 rounds of competition over a 12 week period. You can play at a time that fits your schedule or choose to play on Thursday night league night. Go to www.MyChronicGolf.com/league for more details or call (833) 987-GOLF (4653). Must be a member in good standing.

Looking forward to some new members, new tournaments, new venues and a lot of good golf and fun in 2022.

Fellow Golfer,

Bob Collar (843) 816-0898

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